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Topics of Discussion

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Event Spectrum - Agenda will revolve around

  • Government Policies and Investment opportunities.
  • Overcoming Challenges of innovation.
  • Embedding Technology Effectively.
  • Mining Equipments and Spare Parts.
  • Maintenance Solutions and Advanced Strategies.
  • Current Exploration Opportunities.
  • Global Mining Trends.
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Why Egypt

The Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority (EMRA) has announced an international tender for exploring and extracting gold in five locations in the Eastern Desert and Sinai, including Umm el-Russ, Bokari, Umm Samra, Umm Ud and Hangaliya – under a production-sharing scheme.
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About MITS 2019

Innovation, Technology & Solutions For Mining Sector in Egypt

A new era of mining in Africa has occurred and what better than Egypt as a destination.

To reach optimal production efficiency the Mining Sector in Egypt needs innovative technologies & solutions from International companies that operate in similar environments globally. The Egyptian mining sector needs mineral processing technology, equipment and proven expertise to develop mineral-based manufacturing. There are also opportunities for equipment manufacturers and suppliers, and companies that provide engineering consulting, drilling and chemical testing services. The industry also requires training and upskilling to fill supply chain gaps across the mining lifecycle.

There is a particular requirement for companies in gold exploration, drilling technology, mineral processing technology and equipment, engineering, processing and construction turnkey, and consultancies to assist in establishing the significant infrastructure needed for the mining industry in Egypt. Building the new Gold City will generate major infrastructure projects to support mining activities, which should provide opportunities for International companies in the power, transport, communications and construction sectors.

For the same reason, MITS 2019 will feature a wide variety of technical sessions along with knowledgeable professionals from around the world. This event will facilitate deal-making and unparalleled networking with peers.


Some Interesting Topics of Discussion